The Parish welcomes families bringing children for baptism as well as young people and adults making their own choice to be baptised.


Baptism is a free gift of God, an expression of God's grace. We can do nothing to earn it. Baptism is the main symbol of our entry into the body of Christ, the Church.


Baptisms are conducted at St Mary's or St Peter's in the presence of the worshipping congregation at the regular Sunday or Wednesday service. Baptisms are not conducted at private venues or outside communal worship services unless there are exceptional circumstances.


Preparation with the Vicar

The Vicar expects to meet with you soon after your initial enquiry to discuss your understanding of baptism and your hopes for the child or yourself. This will be followed by subsequent meetings in preparation for the commitments to be made.



There are no charges for a Baptism service. Families that do not contribute to the Parish financially are welcome to make a donation during the service but there is no requirement to do so.



Initial contact for Baptism is through the Parish Office (07) 575 9945


Thanksgiving for a Child

We also welcome families who want to have a service of thanksgiving for a child. These can be conducted in a regular service or at your home.