Sunday School

St Mary's offers something for children each Sunday. During Kids Zone (Sunday school), kids ages five and older learn about Jesus and God's love through Bible stories, arts and crafts, games, drama and even cooking sessions. We offer a small-group setting where each child is welcomed individually. We emphasise the importance of sharing, loving and being considerate of others, because that's what Jesus taught. Children in Sunday school have fun and meet new friends.


"I like coming to St Mary's Sunday school because it's fun. I learn about God and feel like I'm part of the church family. I've even started bringing my friends along."

Rsz _Tui Mars Bar Game

-Tui, age 11


The fourth Sunday of each month is Black Dove Sunday, where children help lead worship. Young people  serves as readers, greeters and liturgical assistants.

 Rsz _fi _gets _black _dove _cert

Activities for children are also provided on a table near the back of the church.


For more information about our children's and family activities, contact our Family Worker: or phone 07 575 9945